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I am a Democrat.  Why should I vote for Mike Simon?

Mike shares the core values of his fellow Democratic candidates, such as defending civil rights and protecting the most vulnerable citizens in our society, but Mike is the only Democratic candidate with the qualifications and experience to attract Independent and Republican voters, who represent 70% of the District 48 electorate.  Throughout his career, Mike has brought people with differing political views together to solve complex problems.  Mike believes most voters regardless of political affiliation are yearning for pragmatic leadership.  The citizens of District 48 haven't chosen a Democrat to represent them in decades, but if you vote for Mike Simon, you have a chance to see this change -- see below.


I am an Independent or a Republican.  Why should I vote for Mike Simon?

Let's face it, Darrell Issa and the Republican party have let you down, so it's time for a change.  On the critical issue of immigration, the White House and Senate leadership recently negotiated a deal that would greatly strengthen border security, but it's not supported by Issa and most House Republicans because it's opposed by Donald Trump, who wants the border chaos to continue so he can use it as a campaign issue.  Trump and Issa have also refused to acknowledge that the 2020 elections were fair or to condemn the rioters who stormed our Capitol.  Trump and his Republican followers -- and Darrell Issa was one of Trump's earliest supporters -- care more about power than meeting the needs of Americans and the hard-working citizens of California's District 48.  Mike Simon is not a partisan, career politician -- he is a sensible moderate who cares about addressing your concerns as well as those of Democrats.


How will Mike Simon rise above the fray and make your lives better?

Mike will use his expertise in energy technology and business to make sure the government makes smart investments in our energy future, achieving the right balance among fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energy sources.  Mike understands that we need to control the growth of the federal government, avoid tax increases on working class families, exercise better control over our borders, and provide families with more educational options such as access to charter schools.  Mike supports expansion of federal student grant and loan programs to cover vocational training, because he feels training the next generation of electricians, plumbers, and welders is just as important as turning out college graduates.  Mike will work with the "sane center" -- moderate representatives from both the Democratic and Republican parties -- to implement this strategy.


I am not registered to vote.  How can I vote for Mike?

If you are at least 18 years old, following is information on how you can register to vote in the primary election on March 5, 2024.

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