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February 8, 2024 – Mike Simon identifies 37 specific legislative initiatives in survey published by East County Magazine.

In a survey published today by East County magazine, Mike Simon identified 37 specific legislative initiatives he will pursue if elected to Congress -- far more than any of the other candidates who responded to the survey.  Mike's responses demonstrate his keen insights and his ability to devise innovative solutions to critical problems such as illegal immigration, unemployment, inflation, climate change, election integrity, and national security.  To read this survey, please find the East County magazine article here.


January 25, 2024 – Mike Simon speaks at first campaign fund-raising event.

Mike Simon, a Democratic candidate for election to Congress in California’s 48th Congressional District, addressed supporters today at his first major fund-raising event.  The fund-raiser was held at the “Casa de Suenos,” a resort-style home near Mr. Simon’s family residence in Escondido.  Funds raised at the January 25 fund-raiser will be used to cover the costs of airing Mike’s first campaign advertisement and mailing an informational brochure to voters in District 48. More...   ________________________________________________________________________________

January 10, 2024 – Mike Simon announces candidacy for U.S. Congress, evoking Thomas Paine's "Common Sense."

Mike Simon, a serial entrepreneur and long-time resident of San Diego County, publicly announced today that he is running for election to Congress in California’s 48th Congressional District in 2024. Mike has chosen today to announce his campaign because January 10 marks the anniversary of the publication of Thomas Paine’s famous pamphlet, “Common Sense,” in 1776.  Mike believes that voters in District 48 and throughout the nation are frustrated with partisan politics and that they are looking for new candidates who can use “common sense” in passing legislation to address the country’s most pressing problems. More...   ________________________________________________________________________________


November 15, 2023 – Mike Simon files to run for U.S. Congress

Mike Simon, a serial entrepreneur and long-time resident of San Diego County, submitted papers to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters to qualify as a candidate for U.S. Congress.  Mike will now appear on the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary ballot as a candidate to represent California's 48th Congressional District.  According to Mike, "My candidacy gives the citizens of the 48th Congressional District a new choice to represent them in Congress.  They can choose career politicians or they can select me, a proven business leader who has provided training opportunities and jobs for District 48 residents for 30 years."  _______________________________________________________________________________

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